Reorganizing life.. oh, and the blogs..

After much deliberation, and confusion in the posts, I have decided to create separate blogs for all of the different areas on study and what-not. Hopefully this will help make the blogs easier to read, ad the information easier to find. So, take a look at the left hand side, up at the top, and you will see links to all the different blog pages now. HOME on each blog will bring you back here.
Happy reading! And be sure to leave a comment or two, let me know whacha think of the blogs. These are fun to make, and informative, but they are time consuming to do, and it would be nice to know I’m not just spinning my wheels out here in cyber land!


  1. I like the check boxes "reactions" :) How did you get that? Yeah blogs can be time consuming but if one of them becomes popular... you get paid to post. Also until one of your blogs takes off you don't haaaaaave the post all the time, just when you have time. Your subscribers will understand.

  2. Goddess, drop me an email please? Kantokasbeast@gmail.com