How to legally become a Scottish Lord or Lady!

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If you are looking for a meaningful gift for “the person who has everything”; then look no further. This is the ultimate novelty gift from Scotland, and one that will certainly never be put to one side and forgotten. This is a present that will increase in value and significance as the years go by. The title can be enjoyed immediately (and as the Telegraph so famously stated, "the Titled always get seats in Restaurants"!). The land can be visited at any time and used in any way you choose. Your estate can also be sold at any time (for a profit if land values have risen as they usually do) by the new owner, or left in a will to benefit future generations of the family.
Purchasing your very own Highland Estate will give you the legal right to call yourself a Laird, Lord, or Lady. Using the paperwork that we provide, you can change your bank accounts, credit cards, driving license and other official ID which will result immediately in you being shown the respect you deserve. Friends and colleagues will be impressed and envious whenever you mention it. After all, how many people do you know who own a beautiful Scottish Highland Estate with all the rights that go with it?
When you purchase this land you will also benefit from the knowledge that you are making a positive contribution to the environment. By splitting the woodland into the ownership of hundreds of different people it ensures that no developer can ever acquire it and use it for their own gain, to the detriment of the area. By planting additional trees, carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere by the process of carbon sequestration. But perhaps most importantly the woodland is home to many species of Scottish flora and fauna, and it can be enjoyed by people as an area of peace, quiet, and tranquillity.

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