The Amazing Kristen Nedopak!

This post is a bit off topic for my blog, but hey.. gotta show love to the ones ya adore, right? 

First, go check out http://kristennedopak.com
I’ll see you in a few hours.. lol

Kristen and I first met at JordanCon a few years back. Sweet gal, talented, cute, funny.. she was doing a blog broadcast for some random site. Little did I know she was actually TALENTED, and damn good at her job! Now a days she is into all sorts of things.. she’s an actress, a host, a producer, AND a geek. She’s also down to earth, and great fun to hang out with. Check her out. Become a fan. You will thank me later.
Oh yeah.. she’s also in the 2012 Girls of Geek calendar.. more info at girlsofgeek.com

Buy a calendar. Buy three. The proceeds go to a great cause. By one for your dad, uncle, neighbor.. would make a great gift for the mailman instead of some insensitive cash tip for Christmas. How about the vet? When’s the last time you got HIM a gift? He fixes your animals.. show some love. Get him a Girls of Geek calendar. You can even pre-mark it to Kristen’s page :)